Water outdoors require special knowledge and experience. It creates a high barrier for the new-comers.

A romantic picnic on the city channel, fishing on the nearest lake, socializing with your friends create moments that really matter. Nature helps to recover from stress, improve well-being and recharge. That’s why recreational outdoors should easy, fun and available everyone!

However, when it comes to getting out on the water you have to choose between bulky expensive motorboats or solutions like kayaks or SUPs that require paddling, and are designed for sport activities.


What if there is an inclusive solution that makes you spend less time on organization and more enjoying moments that really matter. Redefining the idea of what outdoors can be, Togoboat provides you with clean powered inflatables and a beginner-friendly guide to water adventure. It’s the easiest way to get out on the water with your family, friends and pets. Just bring a good company, and we’ll do the rest!

Clean energy inflatables

We design our products for the best possible user experience. They do not require special gear for transportation, take up little room in storage, and include everything to set it on the water in under 15 minutes!

Whether you like to paddle or just enjoy the ride with an electric motor you don’t need a compromise with our inclusive solution.


Togoboat is so much more than just top-quality products, we are a community of like-minded people.

Meet Jad, Mary, Mimi and Fluffy - your guides to fun water adventures. Turn the time you spend online in a healthy habit!

The Togoboat app is a beginner-friendly guide to water recreation. Rentals map, scenic routes, launch spots, and recommendations from a community curated by the brand ambassadors and outdoor enthusiasts.

Engaging AR adventures encourage adults and kids to spend more healthy quality time outdoors and motivate them to take on new water adventures. Treasure hunts, quests, collect badges, the opportunities are endless… Do you remember Pokémon GO? We’ll put it on the next level!

Every product has a unique QR code that turns it into a profitable asset. Any owner can start a rental business in just a few clicks with a dead-simple pier-to-pier rental experience.

Business Model

Social networks are a substantial part of brand development. We invest in communication with our clients and encourage them to be a part of a community of like-minded people. We communicate with travel bloggers and outdoor enthusiasts to become brand ambassadors and share their experiences with our audience. Our goal is to lower the entry barrier to water recreation.


Direct to consumers sales. Build community via engaging social marketing campaigns, provide recommendation from IG influencers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Leverage partnership with rental spots and waterfront businesses to showcase our products to our clients. We develop several B2B programs: financing our products, shared-revenue model, manufacturing branded products. Our rental partners also receive exclusive sales opportunities and marketing support.



Our business model creates positive social impact. We envision Togoboat as a rental franchise that provides inventory, marketing support and all the necessary tools for active individuals who have an opportunity to start rental business with almost zero investments.

We can make the whole market grow faster as we’re helping to overcome the barrier and make outdoors available for underrepresented groups.

Why invest

  • The recreational water activities market is anticipated to reach 35 billion USD by 2026, at a CAGR of around 5% during the forecast period.

  • We believe we can make the whole sector grow faster by creating inclusive products and engaging services and lower the entry barrier to recreational water activities.

  • Togoboat is the first company fully focused on clean powered inflatables. Our goal is to make clean energy as common on the water as it has become on the road. It gives us a unique opportunity to become trendsetters dominating this market niche. You could lead the race with us!

  • We expect profit within the 18 months investment period.

Our Team

We're lucky to find like-minded professionals inspired by our project and passionate about what they do.

Currently we have 15 team members on our boat.

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Victor Storozhenko
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Nikita Matusevich
Chief Growth Officer
Brandon Vasquez
Creative Director
Mariia Borovskaya
Advisor, Partner, McKinsey
Mahin Samadani