About Us

Our story

Our story began with our childhood love for water activities and boats. We were excited when we realized how many people share our passion and similar happy childhood memories. Among your most memorable moments are the first time you went fishing with your grandfather or camping with your parents, or the time you raced your dog to the nearest lake - jumping into the water with splashes of happiness. The Togoboat team decided to help you relive these memories.

During the pandemic, we all sat in the same boat - locked in our homes with limited opportunities to spend quality leisure time with our loved ones. The Togoboat team returned to childhood memories to let people of all ages fill their lives with bright moments they can share with their families, friends, and pets - while spending minimal time on organization and maximum time enjoying moments that matter. These days, so many things already get delivered to our door, so we wondered - why can't we deliver something that simplifies your weekend activity planning?

Togoboat gives you the full package - a rentable, inflatable catamaran delivered to your door and a community-built map of all the places where you can launch the boat for a romantic picnic, fishing, swimming off the boat, socializing with your friends... the opportunities are endless. Just bring good company, and we do the rest!