Meet E-SUP!

An inflatable paddleboard designed to make your ride easy and fun.
Now it’s up to you to paddle or enjoy your ride with a clean and silent electric motor.

It is the evolution of paddling.


Quiet, emissions free electric motor, so you can cruise into water adventures and leave no waste behind


A deep cycle battery that provides a 4 hours cruise time and an incredibly long battery life cycle


The brushless motor runs with an 85% efficiency, clocking in at a max speed of 5 mph

Togoboost is your power hub
It integrates electric motor and battery.

You can plug an electric pump in cigarrette socket or use Togoboost in camping for charging your phone or lighting up your tent. The cool thing is that it is attachable add-on, you can use E-SUP without it when weight matters, for example, when you need to hike to a launch spot.

What do you get
  • Inflatable SUP
  • battery + motor
  • speed controller
  • paddle
  • backpack
  • safety leash
  • manual pump
  • attachable fin
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